ZipStix: Lock, Load and Launch

This month, a company called Hog Wild, LLC introduced a new collection of exciting toys called ZipStix™. Though some confuse it with Zip Sticks, it is officially spelled ‘Stix’.

ZipStix comes in four packs: Starter, 2 Pack, Stunt, and Mega for kids 4 and up.

ZipStix Hog Wild Toys

The Starter Pack ($3.99) comes with 1 ZipStix and 1 Launcher. The 2 Pack ($5.99) comes with 2 ZipStix, 3 Crash Cones, and 1 Launcher. The Stunt Pack ($9.99) comes with 2 ZipStix, 2 Launchers, 3 Crash Cones and 1 Kicker Ramp. The Mega Pack ($19.99) comes with 6 ZipStix, 2 Launchers, 6 crash cones 1 Kicker ramp and 1 Quarter Pipe. Even if you only get the Starter Pack, you can use objects around the house to target like empty water bottles, or use cardboard from a box to make your own ramp. Kids can get pretty creative with them. They can also collect them. ZipStix comes in four groups with different patterns and designs for kids to collect!

The general idea is that you LOCK the Stix. Grab both end and flex into a locked position. Then LOAD the Stix to a peg on the launcher with the logo facing up. Then LAUNCH by holding down on the end of the Stix until it begins to curl and release to launch. It takes a bit of practice.

To see how it works, check out my brief video!

You can find ZipStix at major toy retailers!  

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