Zact Phone Helps Parents Control Kids’ Smartphones

Zact InfographicMy kids constantly want to use my phone, including my 13 month old, and they are wizzes at it too! When we are out and about, my 3 year old is allowed to use a smartphone, but I could never make a phone call when he used mine! I finally gave my son my old iPhone 3 (without the phone service.) It is only a matter of time when he wants start dialing! But when he plays with the iPad, he is already wanting the internet. (Scary!)

Even though he is three, I’m already concerned about his future mobile device usage and I know many of you are already struggling with this. So I wanted to share a sponsored client that I connected with recently through Mom Central. It is Zact phone service, from a company called ItsOn in California. It is a new mobile phone service and they have a feature where parents can limit the amount of time their child is on the smartphone. Everything from curfews, to what apps the can access, or how much of your service plan they can use (e.g. texting.) It is all done with an app so you don’t have to worry about whether the smartphone you have has those features. It is the actual mobile phone company using a cloud-based technology platform. To learn more, click here. (They are even giving away some smartphones right now too!)

Zact conducted a survey to find out what is behind parents concerns with regard to their kids’ use of smartphones and found that 73% of U.S. parents (not sure what is up with the other 27%) are concerned about the lack of parental control of a child’s activities on mobile devices. So, they wanted to offer that feature for parents.

What are your biggest concerns for your kids when they have a smartphone? How do you talk to them about it? 

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