UberXL Drives Boston

sponsoredpostgraphicHave you tried out Uber? I haven’t, but the concept seems really cool. You use an app to call for a car, a professional driver comes, picks you up and drops you off, and you pay using the app. Cleaner than a cab, faster than the Subway, and cheaper than most other transportation options out there! And now they have UberXL in Boston!

uberXL Vehicle View

Uber is an iPhone/Android/Blackberry app that allows you to request a ride at the tap of a button and summons a professional driver (<--- key point there) to your door or driveway within minutes. Track your driver's arrival on a map and receive a notification when they arrive. There’s no need to worry about handling cash – your fare is automatically billed to your credit card on file and there's no need to tip.


But now, Uber has launched UberXL, where Uber users in Boston can request an uberXL car type, which consists of vehicles with seating for up to six people. Perfect for families!

This seems totally hip, but as Moms, when would we really need to Uber?

I don’t know about you, but I only have one set of car seats for my kids. So when I had to go to New York City for the day for an event I am planning, my parents came up to take care of the kiddos for the day (so grateful!). But we had a good 10 minutes of trying to figure out the car situation. My Dad needed the car to be able to drop off and pick up the kids from school. So he needed my car with the car seats. My husband needed a car to get to work and I needed a car to get to the train station. So my husband took my Dad’s car, and I took my husbands car, and we swapped keys, and moved things around in the cars…..and frankly, the stress is so not worth it. My Dad could have used my car, my husband his own, and I could have app’d for an Uber.

Same with heading to the airport for a Disney vacation. Have you seen what those private coach services cost? I just need to get to the airport with kids, and I don’t need a driver in a tuxedo and bottles of Perrier.

Plus, depending on the age of your kids, you probably have had that moment when you realize, while you are at Dance Class with Sue, that Sam needs to be picked up from football practice. Call Uber and they’ll pick him up and get him home. Since you pay with the app, you don’t have to worry about your kids having to find the cash to pay.

Other times, it is just to let someone else do the driving. Getting to the city in the summer is fun for a day on the Freedom Trail or at the Children’s Museum, but between the traffic, finding parking and paying the crazy daily parking rates, it may be just as easy to get Uber’d. Since you can call on demand, you can make a last minute decision to head into the city with the kids (’cause we all know it depends on their mood, right?) and you don’t have to reserve a time to come back. Just have fun and when you know you want to leave, use the app and a Uber driver will be there super fast to take you home.

Have I convinced you to try it? (Heck, I just convinced myself by writing this post!) If you haven’t tried Uber, you can get your first ride FREE (up to $30) using the code “CharleneChronicles” or sign up using this link.

Finally, a pretty great Mother’s Day gift….letting someone else do the driving! 

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