Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

This is the first year that my son has been in school and with the end of the school year looming, I am faced with the new task of giving Teacher Appreciation Gifts. Geez, the stress! I am also aware that he is only three, so I want something that seems reflective of the cuteness and craftiness that is preschool. The idea, in my opinion is that the Teacher Appreciation gift should be coming from the child and should be reflective of their age.

So I’ve searched around and found two cute ideas that I really liked. They are simple, easy to do, but really are sweet and creative. Then, I decided to make the templates myself and wanted to share them with you.

First, is the idea of S’Mores. I saw this idea of Smore Teachers on Pinterest and decided to make my own template. You should print it out to the size you want to cover a ziploc bag of choice. Then stuff the ziploc bag with some graham crackers, full size marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate! Take the template and fold it over. Then staple it to the ziploc bag. So the front is the message, and the back is blank so you can have your child write a personal thank you note to his or her teacher.
Smore Teachers
Another idea is to print out these Flower Thank You circles. Print them out to the size you want. (Just use your printer settings to make smaller if you wish) and cut them out so they are circles. You can print on heavy cardstock paper or print out on regular paper and glue to a piece of cardboard that you have also cut out in a circle. Then glue to a popsicle stick. Then place it into the soil of a little flowering plant! These are great, not only for the teachers, but the school office staff too.
Floral Thank You
The other issue are the gifts you need to give to the bus driver as the above don’t really fit. Though you could change the S’Mores one to say ‘people’ instead of ‘teachers’. But another idea is to draw an outline of a school bus on a piece of yellow construction paper, and cut it out. Then, separately, cut out a piece of felt into the shape of a school bus too, then punch a hole in the top with a paper hole puncher. Then string a ribbon through the hole so it becomes a hanging felt school bus decoration. Take some essential oil – lavender, lemon, and place a few drops on the felt. Then print out this ‘saying’ on a piece of paper and cut it out and glue to the paper school bus, or write it directly on the construction paper:

I loved taking the bus and
thanks for taking care of us.
It has been a wonderful school year and
thanks for always being there!

Then place the felt school bus and paper school bus into a little ziploc-like baggy to keep the scent strong. Use permanent markers to decorate the baggy!

So what Teacher Appreciation gifts do you like to give?

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