Toy Stores in Metrowest MA

With Toys R Us closing all of its stores, many parents are wondering where are they going to shop for toys! Especially since we had Toys R Us in Framingham and Dedham! Are there any toys stores in Metrowest Massachusetts left? Now that Toys R Us is gone, where do I shop for toys? While […]

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston: Vacation Week

School Vacation Week is the first time that LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston has been open during the winter break week! I don’t know about you, but after all of the stuck-at-home-snow-days, the thought of being in the house with the kids during school vacation week has my eyes crossing! LEGOLAND have special activities each day. The LEGO® […]

Best of Metrowest MA: WINNERS!

Thank you to all of the Metrowest Mamas who voted for their favorite places and spaces in Metrowest Massachusetts for kids. Moms voted for their best outdoor playground in Metrowest, best indoor playspace in Metrowest, best cake place in Metrowest, best toy store in Metrowest, best family-friendly restaurant in Metrowest, best birthday party space in […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

This past year I had the privilege of being a part of some great events where I got a first hand look at many products on the market for toddlers, preschoolers, teens, tweens, guy and gals. As I went through the year, I made note of some notables, and put my favorites in my first […]

ZipStix: Lock, Load and Launch

This month, a company called Hog Wild, LLC introduced a new collection of exciting toys called ZipStix™. Though some confuse it with Zip Sticks, it is officially spelled ‘Stix’. ZipStix comes in four packs: Starter, 2 Pack, Stunt, and Mega for kids 4 and up. The Starter Pack ($3.99) comes with 1 ZipStix and 1 […]

New Melissa and Doug Toys for 2014

I am a major fan of Melissa and Doug. Not for the reasons you may expect: the materials, the play value, etc. Rather, many of Melissa and Doug’s products have had an amazing, positive impact on the treatment of my son’s autism. Of which I hope to share more about those products, and some new […]

New Toys for 2014

During Toy Fair 2014, I got to see amazing toys that have just hit the market. Yet, even more exciting, was seeing the toys that won’t be released until summer or fall 2014! While there were a lot of toys to see, there are a few favorites. Here is one grouping of Toys from a […]

The Coolest Toys for 2013

I love toys. But some get the title of the coolest toys 2013. Because they do something that other toys don’t do or they do something you wouldn’t expect them to do. Coolest Toys 2013: These are my picks for the coolest toys 2013: the Hasbro Star Wars Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker 13 inch action figure, […]

How to Save Money on Toys During the Holidays

As a parent, my biggest purchases involve toys during the holiday buying season. Whether it’s the toys to buy for all my nephews and nieces, or the big ticket items for my own kids, my wallet can take a big hit! So making every dollar count is key. So here are a few ways on […]

Hot Holiday Toys 2013 at BJs Wholesale Club

During our monthly shopping trip to BJ’s Wholesale Club for paper towels, toilet paper and cases of water, among other things, we stopped by the Holiday aisle to start our holiday shopping. We do it every year because they have such great toys at fabulous prices. However, this year, I was blown away when I […]

Top Toys for the Holidays 2013: Ages 0-2

All the stores have taken down the Halloween/Autumn decor, and replaced it with Holiday-themed decorations. The shelves aren’t stocked with candy, but stacked with toys for all ages and all budgets. It is at that moment that the parent panic begins. What to give our kids? What are the hottest holiday toys for 2013? Big […]

Top Toys for Teenagers 2013

Tweens and teens may try to act cool, but they will melt if they get one of the hottest toys for teens and tweens this holiday season. The Big Toy Book has the cool toys for teenagers and top toys for teenagers to put on your shopping list! Top Toys for Teenagers 2013: Ages 9+ […]

Best Toys for Kids 2013: Ages 6-8

Buying toys for kids 6 and up can be daunting. However, the Big Toy Book scours and reviews thousands of toys throughout the year to help make your shopping easier (and get the big smiles from the kids!) Here are the Holiday’s Best Toys for Kids 2013 picked by The Big Toy Book for kids […]

Top Toys 2013: Ages 3-5

Have you hit that parenting moment when you don’t know what toys are appropriate, the best, the hottest to give to your kids? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the Top Toys 2013 for 3 year olds, 4 year olds and 5 year olds picked by The Big Toy Book for 3 […]

Magic Beans Sidewalk Sale

Drum roll….Magic Beans in Wellesley will be hosting its very own, first ever, sidewalk sale. It officially starts tomorrow at 10am! (Set your clocks now!) What is there to be excited about? (Insert shocked “Are you kidding” face here). Simple answer: everything! Cribs (Stokke, Oeuf and Bloom), Nursing Chairs (Monte and Best Chairs), Britax, Maclaren, Valco, Orbit, Uppa Baby, Step2 kitchens and a […]

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