Guard Up! Camps, Classes and Celebrations

After talking to many families recently, it turns out that a lot of parents want to do something interesting and different with their kids. Soccer and ballet are activity staples. The local camp is a town fixture. The birthday party invitations are to the same art studio. Yet, many families want to try something new […]

New rides at Great Escape

Nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, one of America’s favorite and most historic theme parks for over 60 years, has expanded from a five-acre nursery rhyme-themed park (originally called Storytown, USA) to include more than 135 rides, shows and attractions, including two full children’s areas for a day with fun and […]

Best Hotel in Boston for Families

A Great Staycation Location After looking at the airline prices for a getaway during school vacation week, I went into major sticker shock. Realizing that a good vacation doesn’t require a flight or a train (and with less impact on the wallet) it was easy to realize that Boston itself is a great vacation spot, […]

Big Apple Circus – The Grand Tour Review

If you are looking for a kid-friendly event that you’ll enjoy, that the kids will enjoy, and that will leave your entire family in awe, then you have to go to the Big Apple Circus in Boston for the newest show – The Grand Tour. Here’s my review! Last year, my kids and husband went to […]

Chef V Comes to Boston: Organic Juice & Cleanse

Chef V has come to Boston! Made local and delivered fresh, Veronica Wheat, the face behind the Chef V company, has organic green drinks and cleanses that come to your door. No more excuses, no more driving, no more expensive appliances that take up counterspace or collect dust; it comes to you, ready to go. […]

Big Apple Circus Boston Review

If you are looking for a kid-friendly event that you’ll enjoy, that the kids will enjoy, and that will leave your entire family in awe, then you have to go to the Big Apple Circus in Boston. My kids have never been to the circus, my husband is not sure he has ever been to […]

Edaville Polar Express: A Review (Part 2)

In Part One of our Edaville Polar Express experience (that you can read here), we thought the time was finally right for our kids to enjoy a Polar Express experience. We chose to go to Edaville Polar Express and enjoy all of the Festival of Lights activities that are included in the Polar Express admission. […]

Edaville Polar Express: A Review (Part 1)

It has been on my bucket list for years, but we finally got to experience the Polar Express Train Ride here in Massachusetts. We choose the Edaville Railroad Polar Express ride, as opposed to the one in Hopedale and other locations, because we also were able to enjoy all of the Edaville Holiday happenings too. […]

Mamas and MEFA: Saving for College

Last week, we went to our first Highland Street Foundation Free Fun Friday event at the Worcester Ecotarium. We also checked out the U.Fund Dreams Tour Tent. It’s a tour that I posted about last week, where my kids had a blast pretending to be musicians, astronauts and veterinarians! At the U.Fund Dreams Tour, we […]

Train Hand Signal Tests and More

We spent another complimentary day at Edaville Railroad. It was fun exploring more of the park! We went down for the Jr. Conductor Weekend. Though we didn’t participate in the extra activities, our general admission provided us with a map for a scavenger hunt. My four-year old son loved it. It added a fun element […]

Crudite Creations

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Super G’s 2nd birthday (my daughter’s birthday.) It was all Disney Frozen themed and all family. But it doesn’t matter. When there is a celebration, I love to plan. It was so much fun putting all of the fantastic Frozen elements into the festivities! One element was this […]

Smashburger Review – Natick MA

I love hamburgers and I love eating out. But those two things don’t always come to fruition when you have kids. Unless you consider a fast food drive thru line, which, honestly, is not my thing. So I was excited to see Smashburger come to Natick, MA. It is the first Smashburger in Massachusetts, and […]

Best Toys for Kids 2013: Ages 6-8

Buying toys for kids 6 and up can be daunting. However, the Big Toy Book scours and reviews thousands of toys throughout the year to help make your shopping easier (and get the big smiles from the kids!) Here are the Holiday’s Best Toys for Kids 2013 picked by The Big Toy Book for kids […]

Harvard Sweet Boutique: Delicious Delights

The Harvard Sweet Boutique is not in Harvard, MA. Nor is it in Cambridge, next to Harvard University. Rather, the Harvard Sweet Boutique is in Hudson, MA and is a sweet treat within the borders of Metrowest MA. I was sent a selection of goodies to be part of some Harvard Sweet Boutique Reviews, and…let’s […]

Clean the Cups With Cascade Platinum

As a Mom of two young kids, my dishwasher is loaded with sippy cups and bottles. If you have been there, done that, or this sounds like you, you know that depending on what you have in the rest of the dishwasher, these items may or may not be clean.     I always laugh […]

Gevalia Coffee Review

With my Tassimo and Keurig Coffee maker, I always make my home coffee, cappuccinos and lattes with Gevalia Coffee. It is one of the few coffees I like that makes me minimize my crave for Starbucks. It is “robust” enough, if that is the correct coffee term to use. (I’m no barista.) All I know, […]

Local Baby Food Delivery: Purely Pears Boston

Purely Pears is a baby food bonanza based just outside of Boston on the North Shore. They make organic baby food and deliver it to your door, all around the Metro Boston area (including Metrowest) two days a week. Whether you are a working Mom or a stay-at-home Mom, you want to give your baby […]

Lil Foodie of Boston

I love the idea of homemade baby food. While I have some great baby food makers sitting in my house, that is where they are. Sitting. As you may have read in this post and this post, I have had a rather tough fall and winter. As a result, I haven’t read a book, gone […]

Maggianos: Buy a Dish and Make a Wish

Massachusetts is such a great place for Italian food. But Italian food made from scratch? There are only select places that still cook that way, and one of them is Maggiano’s Little Italy in the Back Back (Boston). Think great portions, family-style dining, welcoming (open 364 days a year), and varied, with the ability to […]

Common Ground Bar & Grill

With a college bar scene atmosphere, you wouldn’t think this bar and grill in the heart of Allston, MA would be a great place for brunch or have a menu of handmade delights for families. But the Common Ground Bar & Grill is just that. While it may be rockin’ on a Friday night, by […]

Boston Museum Of Science

Head to the Boston Museum of Science any day of the week, and you will see school-aged kids on field trips or families on the weekend. But what about kids under the age of five? Will they enjoy the museum as much as their school-aged counterparts? The answer is yes, but in a different way. […]

Edaville Railroad Festival of Lights

Edaville Railroad is a Massachusetts experience. Based in Carver, MA, it is a fun oasis for many families. For those that have not been to Edaville Railroad Festival of Lights, or haven’t been in years, I encourage your families’ to consider going. Here is why. It is magical. The music, the sights, and the lights. The […]

The Cottage Chestnut Hill

Modern Classics with a Twist When I asked the co-owner of The Cottage (Wellesley, Chestnut Hill) how she would best describe the food at her restaurants, she stated, “modern classics with a twist”. Iced tea infused with passion orange, country fried chicken with crushed cornflakes and honey chipotle sauce, braised beef ribs with cabernet demi-glace, […]

TREAT yourself to a Cupcake

I am a HUGE fan of baked goods, which is why I have run seven marathons so far. But my all time favorite thing is cupcakes. Why? Because cupcakes combine the concept of cake with the small bite-ness and portability of a cookie or brownie. A total dessert delight.  Yet, because of my reverence for cupcakes, […]

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