List of Massachusetts Indoor Playgrounds

During various vacation weeks or rainy days, you are always looking for something to do. Here are some additional ideas and Massachusetts Indoor Playgrounds that may keep the ‘vacation agitation’ at bay. (You know, the ‘Mom, I’m bored!” or, “Dad, there is nothing to do!”) ArtBeat in Arlington and Plaster Fun Time (in many locations such […]

Blowout Bar – Be Styled Wellesley and Chestnut Hill

Everywhere we go, strangers always come up to my kids to admire their curly hair. Then, they turn to me and ask where did they get the curls? It is at that moment that my cover is blown. I mean, really…isn’t the fact that I blowout my hair something akin to not sharing my weight? […]

Harvard Sweet Boutique: Delicious Delights

The Harvard Sweet Boutique is not in Harvard, MA. Nor is it in Cambridge, next to Harvard University. Rather, the Harvard Sweet Boutique is in Hudson, MA and is a sweet treat within the borders of Metrowest MA. I was sent a selection of goodies to be part of some Harvard Sweet Boutique Reviews, and…let’s […]

Kidville Wellesley Review

Kidville is a rockin’ place with a Wellesley location. It has a gym for kids, classes for children, an alternative to preschool, birthday party space and a summer camp. The website is Kidville had an open house a week after their grand opening in March. It was an opportunity for local parents to sample all […]

Local Baby Food Delivery: Purely Pears Boston

Purely Pears is a baby food bonanza based just outside of Boston on the North Shore. They make organic baby food and deliver it to your door, all around the Metro Boston area (including Metrowest) two days a week. Whether you are a working Mom or a stay-at-home Mom, you want to give your baby […]

Rosie’s Bakery: A Perfect Place for Gifts Too

Rosie’s Bakery always has delectible goodies and sumpucious treats, but for Mother’s Day, Rosie’s Bakery honors the sweetness of Mom with an extensive menu with cookies, cupcakes, and other mom-worthy bakery items wrapped with pretty boxes and bows.     It is a more elegant take on boxed chocolates and a yummier alternative to flowers […]

Lil Foodie of Boston

I love the idea of homemade baby food. While I have some great baby food makers sitting in my house, that is where they are. Sitting. As you may have read in this post and this post, I have had a rather tough fall and winter. As a result, I haven’t read a book, gone […]

Sweet Ceramics from Zinnia Designs

One baby memory I love to do is get a baby hand print and foot prints of my children. I did it for my son three years ago and recently did it for my daughter. I love that it captures a moment in time, and I love that it’s done by a local Metrowest Mama […]

What is Boston Babywearers

Boston Babywearers is a local non profit group whose mission is to teach parents and the community about the joys of babywearing. Monthly meetings are free and open to the public. Parents and caregivers join to learn safety tips and the basics of wearing, while socializing with other families. Since there are many options, and […]

Juice in the City

There is a new deal site called Juice in the City. I am a huge fan of local deals. Who doesn’t want the 411 on 50% off cupcakes in my hometown or 60% off that kid-friendly restaurant down the street. Yet, as a Mom, I only like when the deals are family-friendly. (aka: not interested in […]

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