Stacey Peasley Music Classes

Recently, I had a blast taking my daughter to classes run by local musical mompreneur Stacey Peasley. Stacey is the face behind The Stacey Peasley Band. Whether she performs at a kid place or at sold out shows, she excites kids with her music and kids are excited to dance to her music (as evidenced by the boogieng that my kids do when listening to her two publicly released CDs.)

She has recently started offering Stacey Peasley music classes to local Metrowest children ages six months to four years old. It enables young children to be exposed to music and gives parents and caregivers an opportunity to get out of the house, mingle with other parents and caregivers, and let the kids have social interactions with peers.

stacey peasley music

Her class starts with her playing her guitar and singing a welcome song, followed by a couple of other sing-a-longs. Then kids get to play with a common instrument as they sing with Ms. Stacey. Sometimes there is even a parachute. Then there is free play with a variety of kid-friendly instruments. The class wraps up with bubbles and a closing song.

The class lasts about 45 minutes and Stacey Peasley is offering two class sessions this spring during the week from which parents can choose: either a class on Tuesdays or a class on Fridays at 9:45am starting April 1st. Unfortunately, as we learned, there are no makeup opportunities so that may be hard for some families as it was for us. Classes are held at Colores Kids, 12 Walnut St. Natick, and you register by emailing One parent asked if Stacey cleans the instruments between classes, and I am not sure of the answer to that. If you have any concerns, ask the question when reaching out to Stacey.

Here is a mini-Vine video to give you an idea of the fun!


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