Red Sox Autism Awareness Games

MLB_autism_awareness_logoThe Red Sox will host an Autism friendly game at Fenway Park this Sunday, May 24, 2015.

At this game, there will be extra accommodations for children on their spectrum and their families, including quieter music, a quiet room, and a portion of the ticket sales going to Autism Speaks. Also, families with children who are at the ballpark as part of Autism Awareness Day should make their way to the Quiet Room (adjacent to Wally’s Clubhouse that day). Once the concourse is clear, a Red Sox staff member will lead the group to Canvas Alley where the group can run the bases, separate from the general public ‘Run the Bases’ group. This group will be able to experience the Run in a controlled environment with the proper guidance needed.

The Red Sox organization has been a pioneer for Autism awareness. Since 1997, the Red Sox organization began a Disability Awareness Night to bring attention to disability causes in general and to encourage champions of those causes with the opportunity for first pitches, singing the national anthems, and more.

Since the early 2000s, the Red Sox went a step further with an Autism Night to promote Autism awareness. As more MLB teams have begun their own autism awareness efforts, and with all 30 MLB teams having at least one Autism Friendly game, the Red Sox’s own efforts have expanded to create staff training, public tools and an entire game focused on Autism education and outreach.

Attending the Red Sox Autism Awareness and Autism-friendly game is an opportunity to encourage, prove and educate that every human being can co-exist, regardless of disability. It provides awareness to the general public of the situations that Autism families face, as well as providing an opportunity for families with non-autistic and autistic children to have a fun, classic family outing together.

While this Sunday’s game is touted as an Autism-friendly game, the fact of the matter is that any Red Sox game is Autism friendly. The Red Sox organization trains their staff on outward manifestations and approaches to autistic individuals. The Red Sox also have staff at all times that can assist if things get overwhelming. They also have places like a family-friendly bathrooms, the new Wally’s Clubhouse that might be a place for downtime, and even the new Kids Concourse, which, during the game, is a quieter place to be with picnic tables for a respite. Furthermore, the Red Sox has a created booklet, which helps families plan and prepare for a Red Sox game. You can get a copy of that PDF guide here:

2015 Red Sox Autism Speaks Guide to the Game

The Red Sox wants to create an environment at every game where autistic families can feel accepted. However, attending this Autism-friendly game is a great first step for families to attend a game with the hope that there will be many more opportunities to see a MLB game in the future.

Check out my post here to see pictures of the new Kid Concourse and Wally’s Clubhouse to help you prepare. That post also highlights the kid-friendly foods on site to give you a sense of the food options available (and possible smells) so you can adequately prepare for that too. Lastly, consider bringing noise cancelling headphones or noise reducing headphones for an overall positive experience.

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