Printables for Staycations

With the Coronavirus shutting down schools for the unforeseen future, there is a lot of juggling parents must do. However, if part of the juggle is figuring out how to manage the kids, I have three resources for you to use!

First, here is a calendar for you to print and use. A calendar is essential to establish a kid’s schedule. While it may not be something you would do for school vacation week, the fact is there is nowhere to go, outside of the house, to supplement the time off from school right now. Thus, it’s best to set boundaries and guides, as well as educational opportunities, during this unexpected school break.

If you need a blank one to customize your day or adjust for different days – here is one you can make your own.

Secondly, here is a daily schedule that may help answer the question – what are we going to do today? While it may not take up the whole day, it can give the days of the week some fun themes to give your family guidance. It also get younger kids excited for the special day of the week. Print and use it to your heart’s content. Note that it can also be helpful during the camp-free week during the summer too!

Lastly, here is a schedule that helps you make sure you are touching upon various subjects – including reading and languages. Sometimes it is hard to remember if we did enough math work during the week. This checklist lets kids ‘check-off’ their learning progress each week!

How are you handling this unexpected time at home? Share your thoughts and resources with other Metrowest Mamas in the comments below!

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Thanks for staying and reading my blog post!

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