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So if you read my previous Peapod post, you know that I love the concept of online grocery shopping; especially during a busy holiday season or the hectic summer months. So when I received my complimentary gift card, I decided to finally check it out.

First, I didn’t know they have been around for 25 years! They started in 1989 as the first online grocery service. (I think that was the year I got my first (and rather large) computer and I didn’t even have email yet!) I loved this infographic they shared with me. It shows how much behind the times I am with how busy they have been!

Peapod 25th Anniversary

So, not knowing how Peapod worked, when I finally went online and started shopping, I did find that it was simple for us TO shop. There is a keyword tool so it is easy to find favorite items (that you can store as favorites for the next time.) I shopped that way, knowing the weekly items we typically get. Then I added some other items that I always only get from Stop and Shop. Then I decided to use the ability to search by items on sale.

As I shopped, I found the prices generally to be the same as some other grocery stores, if not better. Plus, the prices seem comparable as shopping IN store too. I’m not sure how that is possible (with the time that staff has to shop for the items, bagging it, and delivering it) so it is something I want to explore, but I was happy with the prices of the items we got.

There were lots of delivery times, in two hour windows, and there were plenty of weekend and evening options if you don’t have time to wait two hours. We chose to pick a time a couple of days out so we could save $2 off our delivery fee so our order fee was only $4.95 vs $6.95. Plus, we chose a time at night when we knew we would be home to accept the delivery.

peapod reviewThe guy who delivered was really nice. Brought in our groceries and everything. It was such a lovely thing with two little kids at home. I have to admit, I was a bit confused if I should tip him. So appreciate anyone’s thoughts on that so we can be prepared for the next time.

There will be a next time. It was so nice not to have to schlep to the store, with or without the kids in tow. It was easy to shop and place my order on the computer at after the kids went to bed and have the groceries delivered the next night if I wanted. You can add items, if you forget something, up until midnight (11:59pm to be exact.) It will tell you when you place the order, but it is also a nice feature to have! I haven’t tried out the Peapod app, but I like the idea of order groceries while I’m at the kids’ swim practice!

My local grocery store doesn’t have this yet, but Peapod recently launched Pick-Up Service, which means you can order your groceries online and pick them up at your local Stop & Shop! Currently, Wayland, Hudson, Dedham, Norwood have curb side pickup for a few Metrowest Boston options.

So definitely check them out. You can try one Peapod order, and get your full shopping list with the prices paid when your Peapod order is delivered. Then take that print out to your next in store shopping excursion and see how much you paid and compare. Then you’ll know!

Happy Grocery Shopping!…is no longer an oxymoron! 

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