Non-Skiing Activities at Loon Mountain

If you are not a skier or a snow boarder, you may wonder why you would even consider going to Loon Mountain for the day. Since it is 2.5 hours from Metrowest Massachusetts, it is a pretty easy drive, all things considered, and may be worth a visit for the day. If you leave by 7am, you are at the mountain by 9:30. Then you leave at 5pm and you are home by 7:30pm. A doable travel day for parents and kids with plenty of non skiing activities at Loon Mountain to enjoy.

Spending One Day at Loon Mountain

If you want to give it a go (especially during school vacation week or on a Saturday), I’d suggest doing the following if you have kids that are 8 and under, and don’t ski or board (or don’t want to either).

When you arrive at Loon Mountain around 9:30am, spend the first 45 minutes finding a place to park and getting getting all your tickets. Get tickets to see the Ice Castle (you can see my review about it here) and then get tickets to go snow tubing. Once you have everything, it is time to have some fun.

First, head to the Ice Castle and explore that. Then get lunch (ideally before the crowds descend down the mountain.)

Non Skiing Activities at Loon Mountain for Kids

While letting lunch settle, hop on the little train to the right of the Octagon Lodge. It just takes you from the Octagon Lodge to the Governor Adams Lodge (lasts about ~3 minutes.) But it is fun for the little ones especially. Stay on it and head back to your starting point.

Loon Mountain Train

Hop off and then take the blue bus around Loon Mountain. It makes various stops, but it gives you an idea of all the places and spaces that Loon has to offer if you come back for an extended visit. Of course, the little kiddos just love riding the bus in-and-of itself. Let your bus driver know that you just want to take a ride to explore the property and they will direct you to the correct bus (because some buses just go to specific places.) Then make sure to make your way back to the Octogon lodge.

Loon Mountain Buses

Once you are there, head to snow tubing. Spend an hour tubing and having fun. There is a snow tubing run, with a lift ($18 for an hour) for the older kids (8+) and shorter, non-lift, snow tube hill for kids 7 and under. My four year old loved it and we even rented a tube for my 19 month old. We pulled her around in the tube for the majority of the time and she had a blast. She did go down the hill a couple of times too.

When you are finished, the kids will probably be hungry so grab a snack and watch the skiers and boarders. My kids also loved watching the gondola ride and ski lifts.

At this point, it should be getting dark so head back to the Ice Castle and see it lit up. After you’re done, head to the car and head home. You can always grab a sandwich or snacks before you hit the highway. On your way to 93, there is a McDonalds, a Subway, a pizza place, a super market and convenience store.

Depending on the age of your kids, there are other outdoor adventures like zip lining or snow shoeing, that could be a lot of fun too. All in all, spending one day at Loon is doable with lots of fun, non-skiing activities. If you have preschoolers and toddlers, there is enough fun for them too.

This post was not sponsored, but our experiences were part of our compensated hotel stay at the Mountain Club at Loon Mountain. 
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