New rides at Great Escape

Nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, one of America’s favorite and most historic theme parks for over 60 years, has expanded from a five-acre nursery rhyme-themed park (originally called Storytown, USA) to include more than 135 rides, shows and attractions, including two full children’s areas for a day with fun and memories.

I have family out that way in New York state, and they always talk about their summer visits at “Great Escape”. Every year they urge me and my family to come out and check out this fun theme park about a 2+ hour ride from Metrowest, Massachusetts.

When you visit The Great Escape, you get two parks for the price of one; with Splashwater Kingdom, an outdoor water park fun featuring 12 white water attractions, and Great Escape with hundreds of theme park rides. They even have accommodations and often have theme park specials with a stay at the lodge.

great escape lodge

This might be finally our year to check it out; especially because this summer, there are some great new rides at Great Escape. One of the newest Great Escape rides will be the Greezed Lightnin’ looping coaster and the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster.

New Rides Great Escape

Greezed Lightnin’ will seat 24 riders in “face-off” position and begin to rock forward and backward, pendulum style. Once the train reaches maximum height, guests experience one of the longest suspended hang-times – over 70 feet in the air, upside down. Thrill seekers are then hurled through a series of seven full inversions, both frontward and backward, offering sheer looping mayhem.

Greezed Lightnin' 4

{{Oh, my my word!!}}

The new attraction will be located across from Thunder Alley in one of the most historic and visible sections of the park. Greezed Lightnin’s impressive lights and flames will transport guests back in time with its 1950’s theme and hot rod inspiration.

Another new ride is the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster. The virtual reality attraction is FREE with a Great Escape Season Pass and admission ticket. On this new experience, riders will use Samsung Gear VR headsets and will enter into a realistic 360-degree virtual world of air-to-air combat with aircrafts racing through a city as they try to get past the drones, penetrate the mother ship and destroy it. The virtual experience is perfectly synched to the drops, inverted loops, and powerful twists and turns! This experience will make its debut on the legendary Steamin’ Demon roller coaster located in Ghost Town, and it will be the Northeast’s first inverting Virtual Reality Coaster.

new great escape ride virtual reality roller coaster

{{How cool is that!}}

So if you are looking for a short summer getaway, a local excursion of fun, something to do with the kids in between school ending and camp beginning, this might be just what your family is looking for, and it might be the right time (even for us) to experience it!

Have you been? Is it on your bucket list to go? Do tell! 

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