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pampers diapers absorbencyWhen my son was 15 months old, I thought I was golden. Finally, I would be able to sleep at night! No more middle of the night feedings! Woohoo! I had about 2 weeks of bliss and BAM! I was up every night again. This time, changing sheets because his diapers would leak. Fast forward to my daughter, and I am at the same juncture. When Pampers approached me to check out their new Pampers diaper lines with more absorbency, I was curious and decided to check it out. They sent me a complimentary gift card to purchase new Pampers diapers.

To back up a bit, it was around that 15 month mark that my son’s diaper could just not keep up with the pee, to be frank. So, he “pee-pee’d frew” as he used to say. I had to take off his pajamas, take off his diaper, take off the crib sheet, take off the mattress pad, put on a new mattress pad, put on a new sheet, put on a new diaper, put on new pajamas. Stinks to be doing that, let alone doing that at 2am in the morning.

I ended up doubling him up. Kept him in his diaper but then put a cloth diaper cover around it to get us to 6am. That is how I got into the cloth diapering world and ended up cloth diapering my daughter who is now, ironically 15 months. As I have written before, we are not 100% cloth diaper committed. I switch off to disposables when she is taking a nap, going to bed or if we are traveling for the day. It wasn’t until she woke up this past week at 2am with a wet sleep sack and bedding that I had that moment of deja vu. Her disposable reached its limit just like it did with her brother. So I needed a diaper that was the grand daddy of pee containment.

Since the Pampers Swaddlers is now available in size 3 & 4 at Shaws, it has the same wetness indicator and absorb-away mesh liner that you find in the smaller Swaddlers sizes. (FYI, there is now an umbilical notch on Size 1 & 2.) Plus, in the Baby Dry Line, there is now a longer, blue tinted absorbent area, and more absorbent materials. Pampers also added more absorbent gelling material in the Cruiser line and a new breathable leg cuff material to offer an updated barrier against fluid leaks. Anyone of those were a good option for our situation.

As I mentioned, there were some previous issues with Pampers. Not going to sugar coat that fact and it affected a lot of Moms and their diapering decisions. Everyone should make their own choice, but it is fair to note that Pampers is very adamant of their very rigorous safety assessment before ANY baby uses the product, as well as ongoing checks during their production to ensure each Pampers product meets the highest safety standards.

We have been using the Cruisers line for a few nights now and so far so good. If you want to give them a go, or try out one of the new Pampers offerings, enter to win a prize pack that contains a $25 grocery store gift card (Can use at Shaws, Albertsons, Shoppers, Cub, Star, Acme, Farm Fresh, Hornbachers, Lucky, and Jewel-Osco) to buy your own Diapers to try, and a 20ct pack of Pampers Wipes!

And may you all get a great night (baby wet free) sleep!

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