New Edaville Changes and New Thomas Land

We spent another day at Edaville USA last weekend. It has been fun to see the changes that Edaville Railroad is making each time we go for a visit. The newest addition is a gorgeous brick entry into the park, and the ground breaking that took place earlier in the week for the new Thomas Land coming to the Edaville park in Summer 2015! A permanent Thomas attraction.

During this visit, we focused on our favorite Edaville Railroad rides: the carousel, the flying elephants, the train and then the flying airplanes.


This time, however, we tried the Tilt-a-Whirl on the insistence of my 4 year old. My husband, myself, my four year old and my two year old all went on. {Yes, ALL of us.}

My husband pretty much wanted off the ride as soon as it begun. (I wasn’t surprised.) My kids did surprise me. They LOVED it. They laughed and giggled the entire time. If the ride wasn’t going to fast (and if I wasn’t hanging on for dear life) I would have filmed it because the joy was amazing to see. (Focusing on their laughing faces also help me to not feel dizzy.) As soon as we got off, they wanted to go again. My husband refused to go on. I convinced the kids to take a walk through Dinoland again so I could catch my breath. I also hoped they would forget about going on it again, but nope, they remembered, and off we went. This time, just me and the kids, and my hubby filmed….

At the end of the ride, my daughter was crying. A fellow Edaville guest said, “She must not like that ride.” I just looked at him and said, “She was crying because I wouldn’t let her go on again.” #truestory. I need to go through some sort of training in between Edaville visits so I can be ready for multiple rounds of this ride each time we go!

After our second pass, the kids enjoyed a few of the toddler rides and climbed on some old trains. We did not see any signs of Curious George or the Man with the Yellow hat in our wanderings during Curious George weekend. There was no scavenger hunt this weekend either, much to the dismay of my 4 year old. I was surprised that there was no Curious George theming anywhere, so I guess it was limited to the banana breakfast they had, which we could not attend due to my daughter’s banana allergy. The kids were a bit sad (probably because I had talked up Curious George a bit), but they were happy to see a ‘walking dinosaur.”

edaville dinosaur

It was another fun summer day at Edaville. It has been a lot of fun being a Edaville Blogger this season, and I cannot wait to see even more changes that are in store this fall! 

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