Loon Mountain Ice Castle Review

This past weekend we went up to Loon Mountain to see New England’s first Ice Castle in Lincoln, New Hampshire. We received free tickets to check it out and share out experience.

I probably wouldn’t call it an Ice Castle. It is more like an Ice Fortress. The reason I think it should be renamed is that my son kept asking why it didn’t have windows and doors. I just thought he was asking questions that a 4 year old would ask. Then a woman came up to me after we came out of the Ice Castle exit and asked if we had just gone in. I said we had. She asked what it was like? Did it have a roof? Were there hallways? I guess even adults have a preconception of what an ‘Ice Castle’ would be. So before you go visit, let your kids know that it is more like an Ice Fortress.

Loon Mountain Ice Castle Review

We went to the Loon’s Ice Castle during the day and my biggest suggestion is to bring sunglasses! With the sun shining on the snow and ice, it is VERY bright. There are big open areas for the kids to run around, but the best part are the smaller winding paths where you feel like you are in an ice cave.

Two fun areas to note in the Ice Castle is on the upper left side when you enter. Over there, there is an ice tunnel (about 7 feet long) that kids can go in. Then, in the back, there is a balcony of sorts where you can watch people ziplining and where you can see the river. Very pretty. we probably spent about 20 minutes in there exploring and taking pictures, and letting our four year old explore the little tunnel.

A fun ice tunnel at Loon's Ice Castle attraction

A fun ice tunnel at Loon’s Ice Castle attraction

While very pretty during the day, we really wanted to go at night to see it lit up with colored lights that transition from green to blue to yellow. However, there was over a 90 minute wait to get inside. With a one year old and 4 year old, in 15 degree temperatures, sadly, we had to pass. So I unfortunately, I don’t have a personal account of what Loon’s Ice Castle was like at night. Thus, my suggestion, that I even told the woman (who I mentioned above) is to go a little before it gets dark to avoid the long lines. Then you’ll be in there when it does get dark, to enjoy the view. Otherwise, if you go after 6pm, you’ll have a long wait, at least on the weekends.

So it is worth the average $32 for a family of four to go inside? Yes, but only if you go during the day AND go at night. When you buy tickets, you can go an unlimited number of times on that day (you get a wrist band.) So going 2 or 3 times makes it worthwhile. Otherwise, if you end up like us, only getting one visit for about 20 minutes, it is a lot of money to spend. Otherwise, I suggest spending $11 an hour per child to go snow tubing instead if you know you only have an hour. My kids did that the day before, and had more fun. But then again, my kids are 4 and 1 years old, so take our experience with a grain of salt.

If you want to go up with the family for a day (it is about a 2.5 hour drive up), it would be doable and fun. But read my post here to see how I suggest getting the most out of your day. And if you wonder how we enjoyed our stay at the Mountain Club at Loon Mountain, you can see my post here!

Many thanks for entries on my Ice Castle Giveaway post here. Congrats to Mandi for winning the four tickets to the Ice Castle! And since we have two extra tickets we did not use (my kids got in for free) I’m pulling another winner to get two tickets to the Ice Castle. So congrats to Maria!

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