Long Distance Valentine’s Ideas

HeartMy poor Mom. When she and my Dad were first married, he was active duty in the Navy. He was assigned to submarines. He would be underwater on the sub for 6 months at a time before surfacing somewhere in Europe. Since it was the 1960s, there was no internet. She just wrote letters that she would forward to the port and he would write letters on board. When he surfaced, he mailed his letters and would retrieve hers, and it would start over again. Fast forward 40 years. He was retired now from the Military but was in Afghanistan. They had modern technology now and used Skype everyday to talk and see each other for over three years. (Talk about love, right?)

They are not the only couple that has had to deal with long distance relationships but it can hit home a bit harder on Valentines Day. So here are a few ideas to celebrate the year’s most romantic holiday (or even a birthday or anniversary) from Megan Bearce, licensed therapist and author of Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When a Job Keeps You Apart.

Long Distance Valentine’s Ideas

  • If your spouse or partner is working out of town, contact the administrative assistant in their office or the concierge at their hotel. These people can be extremely helpful “Cupids” for arranging a special gift to be placed on the hotel bed, flowers delivered to an office or meeting or any other surprise you’d like to plan.
  • Go old school and make a mix-tape of your favorite songs from when first met. Send the e-file to your loved one and have it play on opening. Or tuck it into their bag before they leave with their Valentine’s Day card, anniversary card or birthday card.
  • Schedule your own special Valentine’s Day or other celebration when you’re both together. There’s no reason a greeting card company gets to decide when you express your love! Make your own special day a tradition in your family.
  • Let them know a surprise awaits them upon return. Throughout the day on Feb 14th, or the day of your anniversary, you can text or email photos with hints. (Just keep it clean, you don’t want the boob shot to be found by an employer.) Think: a single flower, a lit candle, the edge of your favorite sheets. A little mystery goes a long way and PG!
  • Use Skype. Set the table with dinner and your laptop or iPad, light some candles, turn on the camera, and have your partner do the same on the other end. You can see each other, chat, and connect almost as though you were together.

Try also to spend some time with other single friends or friends with long-distance relationships. Have some girl or guy time to pass the time, and know that your partner will be home before you know it!

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