LabGrab: Savings in Silk Skin Care

Massachusetts is a meca of amazing innovation. One of the newest is a product from Medford, MA based Silk Therapeutics™ and their new LabGrab™ line. (I received a sample.) The company was founded by two friends who wanted skincare to be clean and perform.

The company name, Silk Therapeutics, eludes to its main ingredient: silk. As one of nature’s wonders, silk protein promotes radiant, firm and smooth skin, but its natural properties reduce the need for stabilizers, emulsifiers, fillers and harsh preservatives that are so common in the skin care industry.

The company invested $5 million into research and patents. They put more money into making and manufacturing it themselves to boot. With liquid silk so rare in the industry, money was not the only thing needed. The company also needed special talent to bring it from concept to construction.

Liquid silk, however, is very expensive. It costs more to transform silk fiber to liquid silk than gold and platinum. As with most things are that natural and real, the final product cost can be prohibitive to many – despite the benefits and results. Yet, the founders believed so much in their product, and the need for result driven skin care products that are clean, that they didn’t want cost to be the barrier.


After lots of chatter, the company realized that had a lot of great products sitting in their lab. Not all products can make it to store shelves due to space, stocking and marketing constraints. Yet, it didn’t mean these goodies weren’t amazing. So, what if they released small batches? Let folks try them out? It could mean a serum or lotion could get into the hands key users for their feedback, input and influence of what the company developed and produced next. Bonus? Half the price too.

The scientists pulled what they thought were the best from the shelf. The name of the line is appropriately titled, ‘LabGrab.’

Simple containers have an apothecary feel and are tucked into a simple, recyclable carton from fellow Massachusetts-based company Botwell-Ownes. To keep costs low, the product hopes to spread organically. Nothing is more beautiful when users share their “little bottled secret” with anyone who says, “Your skin looks great!”


Produced in limited editions, the first LabGrab products are five novel formulas that leverage pure liquid silk. You won’t find fragrance, animal cruelty, phthalates and parabens either.

At about half the cost of their main Silk Therapeutics line, the products are now available through

{Sigh, if only they had a store front at their Massachusetts headquarters or a skin care spa. I need an in-state fix!}

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