Kohl’s Sale Shopping – Kids’ Movie Night

Kohl's SalesWhen I first moved into my townhouse seven years ago, I seemingly spent every weekend at my local Kohl’s store during a Kohl’s sale buying a variety of items for entertaining. I had a great kitchen and even a little dining room that I was proud of (especially after the tiny, crappy apartment I lived in for 10 years prior) and wanted to have everyone over all the time for a great meal. But I had a new mortgage and fewer things in my new space so I needed to build my entertainment stash of things and Kohl’s stock was a perfect fit.

I loved going for the seasonal items. Like a russet red tablecloth in the fall, and fun napkin ring holders for Halloween and Winter (which I still use to this day), to decorative towels for each season and festive doormats at the front door. It brings back a lot of memories, actually, when I think about those times at Kohls and the time I spent searching for those finds.

Now, however, I live in a different place; in a single family home with two kids and husband. I entertain less….a lot less, to be honest. But then again, I have a 15 month old and a newly-turned-four-year old. The thought, let alone the time, seems daunting. I have thrown a couple of parties this past year, but I definitely don’t entertain with the same frequency as my formerly single self. However, one could say I still entertain, just for a much smaller and younger crowd.

When Kohls approached me to go on a complimentary shopping trip, I knew I had to focus on the idea of entertaining. It was what drew me to the store over 7 years ago after all. Yet, it had to be entertaining with kids in mind, and I knew the perfect solution. Movie night! It is a new phenomon in our house, since my kids are finally old enough to sit and watch a movie. We have them when my husband travels because makes it a fun, special event (and good bribe tactic when you’re parenting solo.) So we went to Kohls on a search for items for the must have items for our Movie night.

(1) We picked up a popcorn maker for $20, which is practically mandatory for movie night! I like the air pop concept and being able to just add a touch of butter for them (and a lot for me.) Easy clean up too. Just pops right into the bowl.

Kohl's Sale

(2) Then we picked up a Soda Stream for $100. I love this as I could serve the kids plain carbonated water, while using a mix to make soda for me.

Kohls Review

(3) Then we each got a new pair of PJs. The footed kind from Carters for the kids (about $15 for each pair) and a pair of Simply Vera Wang PJs ($30) and DearFoam slippers ($20) for me.

(4) Kohl’s doesn’t sell DVDS (though they do sell books and games if you want to put a spin on things) so we picked a movie from our home collection. We made the drinks and popcorn, and settled down with a Disney movie and had a blast during our movie night.

kohl's stock

No worries about telling the kids to be quiet in the theatre or shelling out big bucks only to have them last 20 minutes into the movie before they need a diaper change or to go pee. This way, baths were done, everyone was freshly diapered and the bathroom was just down the hall (with a handy remote control pause button.) And better yet, everything can be used again and again, making it a great investment (even for Mom and Dad only movie nights – bonus no babysitter fees!)

Although, I did pick up this cute dress from the Jennifer Lopez Collection. Pair with leggings and some heels, it would make great date night outfit. At $35, there is money left over for a decent meal and the babysitter!

Kohl's Stock

We had everything we needed to have a great family night (and future date night). Do you like to entertain? What is your favorite thing to do at home with the kids?

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  1. A complimentary shopping trip at Kohl’s?!?! That sounds like a dream!

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