Kidville Wellesley Review

Kidville is a rockin’ place with a Wellesley location. It has a gym for kids, classes for children, an alternative to preschool, birthday party space and a summer camp. The website is

Kidville had an open house a week after their grand opening in March. It was an opportunity for local parents to sample all of the fun classes Kidville Wellesley has to offer. My son (3.5 year old) and daughter (8 months old) took a sample Rockin’ Railroad™ class. It is a four person band that provides a fun music enrichment class. As you can see from the photo, they were entranced!

Kidville Wellesley Rockin' Railroad

I also tried Big Muscles for Little Movers™. It is a class for babies that encourages movement and developing coordination with fun circle time, play with foam climbers, swings and more. The space has great carpeting that is super soft and, when I was there, super clean.

Kidville Big Muscles for Little Babies

The staff is so friendly, which makes going each week a dream. Whether it is the front desk staff or the instructors, they always greet my kids and me by name. The place is clean with great family friendly bathrooms, and even high chairs to put your baby while you help your toddler take their shoes off before class. There are lots of little touches. For example, in the Wiggle Giggle Together™ class for siblings, the instructors brought out blocks for the older kids and then little blocks for the babies.

Since we enjoyed Kidville so much, we signed up for Kidville Gymnasts™ and Wiggle Giggle Together™. Kidville Gymnasts had bars, beams, rings and, my son’s favorite, a bouncy track that he could jump off of and into a foam ‘pit’. (Three year old heaven.)

Kidville Wellesley Gymnasts Class

I think the pictures in this post speak for themselves. My kids had a lot of fun. And so did I. What parent doesn’t love to see the smiles on their kids faces, and seeing them so engaged?

Edit-Kidville Wiggle Giggle Together

While there is the locally-based Isis Parenting and Linx, Kidville does offer classes, programs, camps, birthday parties and an indoor play space that the other companies don’t offer in the same way. While it is metered parking on the street, unlike the other locations, it costs us 50 cents to park for an hour and I have never had a problem finding a spot near the Kidville Wellesley address at 34 Central Street. There is parking lot off of Church Street, as well as street parking. Some of the classes are with a caregiver, like Wiggle Giggle and any of the baby classes, but the others (which are noted on the website) are drop-off. If you want, you can head out for a quick walk down the street for a Starbucks coffee or a little shopping, which I personally love! Recently, I dropped my son off at Kidville, went across the street with my baby, picked up a birthday present at The Wellesley Toy Shop (free wrapping and no arguments over getting a toy for him) and then headed back to pick him up! Kidville does have a petite selection of toys, gear and clothes too. I’ve picked up a Pluie Pluie umbrella for my son and cute pair of Egg Baby leggings for my daughter. They have had some sales, so while the prices are high because of the product selection, if your budget is not as high, just wait for sale.

As a parent, I love how there are many options to choose from for kid classes and activities in Metrowest Massachusetts. So definitely give Kidville a try. Whether it is a class or their summer camp program, birthday or preschool alternative, or shopping, there is a lot of fun at Kidville.

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