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Energy Fitness is tucked away in the corner of Natick, Sherborn and Framingham. Its other location is further east in Newton, MA. Primarily used as a kids’ gymnastics facility, it is also a great option for kids birthday party places in Massachusetts.

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My son’s preschool class had a class get together/party at Energy Fitness in Natick one Sunday afternoon. It is a great place to have a school fundraiser in addition to the traditional birthday party! There were a variety of ages since the kids in the class also brought siblings, so we had 14 month olds up to 10 year olds and everyone had a good time. There were trampolines, bouncy tracks, slides with foam pits, obstacle courses, and a bouncy caterpillar (which from the screams of joy and loud giggles was a hit.)

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In the entry area, there was plenty of space for shoes and coats, and a great seating area with plenty of comfortable seats. Perfect for the gymnastics classes where parents to have a nice area to watch the class in progress. There is even a little play space for siblings to have a spot to be entertained while big brother or sister takes their class. A nice detail.

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The staff was really attentive from the moment we arrived. They were genuinely interested in the kids and made sure they were safe and having fun. They also took care of the getting them from one place to another. They also had some structured activities too, like the always popular parachute.

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After about an hour or so, we moved into the party room for some snacks. When we arrived, parents each brought something to share and the staff took care of setting everything up (and later, cleaning it up too!) It was very smooth and they helped the kids open juice boxes and even passed around the snacks.

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It was a really tight room though. So it was hard for parents to assist their own children as we were tripping over each other to do so. It would be great if more space was dedicated to that area. Plus, as is the way nowadays, many of the kids had allergies so the food that we all brought in had been scattered about so there was a flurry of explaining what was nut free, what was dairy free etc. Having a bigger room with extra counter space or the opportunity to have two tables to keep kids organized in this regard would go a long way as I’m sure our group is not the only one. Otherwise, it was a parent’s dream to let the kids nosh after running around. When we all left, it was as smooth as an exit as it was an entrance. Again, the staff made sure everyone had what they needed.

All in all, if you are looking for an kid event space or kids birthday party places, I highly recommend Energy Fitness in Natick and Newton. The rate for an event here is one of the best around too. But if you want more options, here are some other local favorites too!


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