Juice in the City

There is a new deal site called Juice in the City.

I am a huge fan of local deals. Who doesn’t want the 411 on 50% off cupcakes in my hometown or 60% off that kid-friendly restaurant down the street. Yet, as a Mom, I only like when the deals are family-friendly. (aka: not interested in the 50% off beer tab at ABC Pub in Boston). Juice in the City that recognizes that fact and only uses local mom recommendations.

Juice in the City believes local businesses need authentic mom recommendations more than ever and that these local businesses deserve a chance to survive, thrive and give back to our communities. They also believe (rather rightly) that we need a daily ‘kick in the pants’ to go have fun in our local areas, without spending too much of our family’s hard earned money. Like maybe we need a push to check out a local bookstore or independent coffee shop instead of resorting to online ordering or big chain conveniences.

So each day, Juice in the City features an awesome deal for a local business that is personally recommended by a local Mom. Maybe it is 50% off a book purchase at the local bookstore, or a free coffee at the local coffee shop. Better yet, maybe it is a discount for a massage! But it has that Mom element, which makes it really fabulous.

So if you want to be the first to know about the local Juice in the City deals, start following them on Facebook, or Twitter.

And if you are interested in working for Juice in the City directly, they are looking for Boston-area Moms to get it started. You can work at home, with flexible work schedules. Definitely something to check out! They have recently been featured in USA TodayTechCrunch, and VentureBeat. Plus, here is a great video that explains it all.

Go Mom-Power!

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