How to Make a Sand Castle Last

Sometimes our kids want to take the beautiful sand castle that they have been making on a day at the beach home with them. Yet, it must be left behind. What if you could make a lasting sandcastle? And one that you can make on a rainy day or if you are thousands of miles from the nearest beach? Grab some supplies and here is how to make a sand castle last.

how to make a sand castle last

You’ll need 1 up of sand, 1/2 cup of cornstarch, 1 teaspoon alum (you can find this in the spice section at the grocery store). You can make larger batches for big castles or many kids. Just adjust the measurements accordingly.

Add the sand, cornstarch and alum to a saucepan. One that you use only for crafts! Use a wooden spoon to mix together, and then add the water. Stir until everything is smooth and then start cooking over low/medium heat, stirring frequently to make sure it doesn’t stick on the bottom of the pan. After about three minutes, it will look like play dough. At that point, remove it from the pan and start making your sandcastle or any other creative piece of art! Grab some art supplies, shells, whatever catches your fancy to decorate. Yet, use within a day of making it. Otherwise, it will harden and will be unusable. After a week, your sand castle will be completely dry. If any little pieces fall off, just use some tacky glue.


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