Hot New Baby Products for May 2014

May is here and here’s the latest lineup of hot new baby products out on the market. This month’s finds are the ChildMinder Soft Clip, Artistic Sonogram Photos, Baby Opticals and Bandana Bibs.

First up is the ChildMinder SoftClip. Tragically, we’ve all heard stories in the media about parents accidentally leaving their children strapped in a car sear in hot summer months. The ChildMinder SoftClip lifesaving alert system can help caregivers remember. It’s a two part device with one part clipped on the child’s car seat and the alerting unit on the driver’s key ring. The small, clip- on device beeps for 8 seconds if the adult has moved more than 15 feet away from a child in his/her car seat. It’s supposedly easy to install and is sold in three colors: white, blue and pink. The system retails for $80.

baby alert

Next up in the Hot New Baby Products lineup is something whimsical. It’s Artistic Nursery Sonogram Paintings. Most parents treasure the 2D/3D sonograms giving the first look inside to see exactly what their baby will look like. But they are usually black and white or tan and gold. Artist Agniekzka Golasik turns the sonogram photos into colorful works of art. Each painting is personalized and a one-of-a-kind. Photos can be painted onto small or life-sized metal, canvas or professional photo paper. The product retails between $350-$650 dollars depending on size and type.

art sonograms

For the stylish Mom (and baby), Baby Opticals (sunglasses and frames) and stylish Bandana Bibs, by the folks behind Mustachifier, are the talk of the Mom’s groups. Baby Opticals are 100% UVA and UVB protection, Polarized, Shatter-resistant sunglasses frames in Black, Blue, Pink, White, and Yellow. There are also Hipster Black and White glasses providing 100% UVA and UVB protection. The MSRP is approximately $14.99.

baby opticals

Bandana Bibs are playful double layered bibs that protect against dribbles and spills, while brightening up any little one’s wardrobe. Perfect for both boys and girls, the bibs are machine-washable for the easiest cleanup possible, and will be available starting in June. It will be available in two sets featuring three colors each: Red, Yellow, Blue & Pink, Purple, and Mint for around $19.99.

Jackson Red Bib 12in

A mix of technology and fashion are the categories for babies this month!

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