Hood Harvey Ice Cream Bars

Beach days have turned into school days, outings to water parks have turned into trips to the school supply store. Yet, we often forget that summer can extend beyond Labor Day. The weather can be warm and there is plenty of outdoor fun still be to be had. One way to extend the nostagia of summer is to have a nostalgic treat – ice cream! And a new nostalgic ice cream treat to consider is a Hood Harvey Ice Cream Bar.

Hood Harvey Bars

While the days of licking melting ice cream cones from a ice cream shoppe may be waning, grabbing an ice cream bar from the fridge and sitting on the front steps on a nice September night can be just as joyous. A Harvey Bar from the historical Boston-Based Hood company is nostagia at its best. The company has been around for more than 150 years! The name for the Harvey Bar comes from the Hood founder – Mr. Harvey Hood, in case you were wondering. (I was!)

I hosted a sponsored event at Kidville Wellesley last week. A few of my blogging friends got together and we brought our kids to Kidville Wellesley for a back-to-school ice cream party. The kids played in the indoor play space while we got to all catch up. (Such a treat in and of itself!)

Kidville Wellesley Playspace

Then we gathered in the party room for munchies and Harvey Ice Cream Bars. There were four flavors: Cookies N’ Cream, Vanilla, Vanilla Crisp, Toffee Crunch.

Harvey Ice Cream Bar Flavors

My son had a hard time figuring out which one to have, but I don’t think it really mattered. Each one would have been equally delicious!

Harvey Ice Cream Bar

So consider having a back-to-school ice cream party in your neighborhood and just have some Harvey Ice Cream bars in a cooler to keep it simple. Or invite your child’s new classmates over for a playdate and have some munchies and Harvey Ice Cream bars. It is a super easy party because it doesn’t require ice cream cones, toppings, cups, and that sort of thing. Just give out some wrapped Harvey Bars and you have an instant party!

Kidville Wellesley

If you would like a coupon to try out a Harvey Bar (or other Hood Products), just click this link!

Happy noshing! 

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