Halloween Popsicle Costume and Craft Stick Spider Web

I cannot believe that it is autumn now. There is no denial once the calendar flips to October. We are firmly on the downward slide towards snow and cold and ice…and more snow. {Seriously depressing.} I long for the hot days of summer when you could hang out in your bathing suit in the backyard, run through the sprinkler and slurp Popsicles®. So while the thought of licking a popsicle in October may not be your idea of fall fun, at least there are a lot of crafts that you can make with popsicle sticks!

First, the kids could actually be a Popsicle for Halloween. Here is how to make a popsicle costume. Or you can see how another Mom did it from JuJuBStash.

If the thought of making a costume is beyond your scope (ahem, me) you can make a fun hanging Halloween picture frame with Popsicle sticks. My son had a blast making his. All you need are some popsicle sticks (any size, but we went with the bigger ones just because), black and orange markers, glue, a few candy corns, and some twine or ribbon, and a picture. We are going to put a picture of him in his halloween costume for this year, make the same craft for next year, and hang them up every year! It will also be fun to see how his coloring and craft skills improve!

Halloween Popsicle Stick Picture Frame Craft

Craft Stick Spider Web

I personally liked this craft popsicle stick spider webs.

My son had some fun making them in different colors and hanging them off the fireplace for a decorative touch. I skipped the little spiders shown in the Pinterest photo because as we were making them, my 15 month old kept trying to pull them off. So we drew a spider instead, and since we had some candy corn, we glued that on too. Frankly, it looks like a bad-ass snowflake, but he had fun making them.

popsicle stick craft spider web

There are tons of craft ideas and here is my Pinterest board that shows a variety of things you can do. Including some yummy treats!

But if you still yearn for a Popsicle, crank the heat up so it is sweltering in your house, put a beach towel on the floor, throw on some flip flops and sunglasses, burn the Yankee Candle Sand and Sun fragrance, enjoy a Popsicle and relive summer. (Those Popsicles are pretty tasty you know.)

I had a honor (and fun) of being a Popsicle Mom this past summer. Check out my adventures here

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