Spring Cleaning: It’s Time!

Spring is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Could you use some extra motivation to clear out your clutter or to tackle that home organization project? I know my garage needs some serious help. Now that the weather is good, and there is a spring in my step, I’m ready to tackle this project. What’s yours?


The one thing that we often don’t think about is that not only does spring cleaning get rid of clutter, it also brings some extra cash to your pocket and supports our communities with jobs. That’s right: Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. It’s the tagline of Ad Council’s campaign with Goodwill®, which reminds people that their donations support people who are seeking to earn jobs and build careers.

“Every 33 seconds of every business day, someone earns a job with Goodwill’s help.”

Okay. now that we know that cleaning our stuff is good for our home, our wallets and our community, where do we start? Sometimes thinking about it is overwhelming and stops us in our tracks. But here is a checklist for 7 days that we can tackle. In one week, you can be 100% purged and organized. Yet, if you don’t want to go gangbuster, just do what you can each day, and the repeat the following week or two. Then after a couple weeks, you’ll be better than when you started!


Day 1: Clear your closet clutter. At a minimum, donate anything you haven’t worn in a year.
Day 2: Tackle the kitchen. Just spend 20 minutes and go through your cabinets and drawers. You might be really surprised on how many turkey basters you have (and don’t need.)
Day 3: Clear the holiday cheer (clear out old holiday decorations, outgrown Halloween costumes)
Day 4: Downsize your tech toys (used laptops, old cords, old cellphones). Just remember to remove data before you donate.
Day 5: Clean out your office supplies (non-working pens, files)
Day 6: Provide quality entertainment (unused movies, video games)
Day 7: Downsize your bookshelf (books kids have outgrown, old college textbooks)

If you are going to do it, and have a Twitter account, follow the hashtag #7DaysofSpringCleaning and get support and inspiration!

As you work through each, make sure to recycle where you can’t donate, and then document each thing you are going to donate. (You are going to need this for your tax return!) Then calculate the value of your clutter using Goodwill’s Donation Impact Calculator. It will show you how your donation’s value will support the community. It is a really cool calculator that shows the reality of the good you are doing to your own home and good you are doing for the community.

Find your local Goodwill location here or call to schedule a pickup at your house! So there is no excuse not to get started! Plus, have the kids get involved. It is a great project for them to do to clean out their old toys and to learn about supporting others. Have them watch this video to get them excited about helping you!

Happy Spring! 
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