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As a long time swimmer, and a former collegiate and masters synchronized swimmer, I have spent many (many, many) hours in a pool. As a Mom to young children now, I don’t necessarily strive to have them follow in my swimming path, but having them know how to swim is essential for social interactions, enjoyment and safety. It’s why I’m excited for the newest Metrowest MA swimming lessons location: the Goldfish Swim School in Needham.

Photo Credit: Goldfish Swim School. Used with permission.

Photo Credit: Goldfish Swim School. Used with permission.

Yet, as a parent, I want to bring them to a place that has warm water. (Especially when it is one of the parent and me classes – I’m so done with cold pools!) I also want to bring them to a place with good instructors. Then, I want to enjoy the facilities too, with nice changing rooms, and comfortable seats while I watch the kids in their lessons.

Goldfish Swim School in Needham (Fourth Ave) is a state of the art aquatic facilities dedicated entirely to year-round indoor swim classes and programs for children 4 months and up with introductory parent-tot programs to beginning swimmer lessons to advanced pro-level lessons.

Photo Credit: Goldfish Swim School. Used with permission.

Photo Credit: Goldfish Swim School. Used with permission.

Goldfish Swim School features will include:

  • Heated indoor swimming pool kept at 90 degrees.
  • Air temperature kept at 92 degrees, providing swimmers with a shiver-free swim lesson experience.
  • Small class sizes so kids receive the personalized attention they need. (Max 4:1 student to teacher ratio)
  • Recreational swim team (7:1 student to teacher ratio) for those swimmers who want to prepare for the next stages of competitive swimming.
  • State-of-the-art pool water purification system, guaranteeing a clean, safe environment for learning swimmers.

The owner of the Needham, MA Goldfish Swim School is a Mom of two boys and she understands the importance of year-round swim lessons (forward progress that way!) with a unique and educational teaching equipment, strong swim curriculum (the instructors are Ellis certified), and nice facilities, so kids can have fun and learn, and parents can enjoy it too!The Goldfish Swim School will include a viewing gallery for parents to watch lessons with a tropical d├ęcor. There will also be swim times for families, weekend birthday parties and Treasure Island to purchase swim suits and accessories.

If you have multiple children, sometimes getting the schedules to align is like an eclipse (rare!) But because the Goldfish Swim School is a facility dedicated just to teaching kids to swim, they have several classes running every half hour during their operating hours, so parents of kids of different skill levels (or ages) can conveniently have all of their swimmers in the pool during the same half-hour time slot.

Photo Credit: Goldfish Swim School. Used with permission.

Photo Credit: Goldfish Swim School. Used with permission.

If it sounds like the place for you, check out their website for pricing information or to reserve a spot in an upcoming swim class. They open May 15th! (Glub, Glub!)

Headquartered in Birmingham, Mich., Goldfish Swim School opened its first franchise in 2009 in Farmington Hills, Mich. and is in the process of expanding franchise opportunities throughout the country. For more information, visit www.goldfishswimschool.com. Or follow them on Twitter or check them out on Facebook!  

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