Five Ways to Reduce Back to School Stress for Moms

Whether you are in the midst of daily school drop-offs already, or are about to start, us Moms face some sort of back-to-school challenge and back-to-school-stress. It is not just our kids that run around frantically every morning! It’s us that are running around frantically after them! So, there are some tips and tricks to reduce back to school stress for YOU!


  1. Get Organized: Take the time to clean and de-clutter. In fact, we are having a huge yard sale in two weeks! It reminds me of the days when I would start school with a fresh pencil and paper, and it seemed like I could conquer the world. I think us Moms should put that feeling into our own ‘classroom’. Our houses! Or in my case, my closets and garage. {Hmmm, maybe the basement too…}
  2. Plan in Advance: I know this is a tough one, but it is best to aim high, right? Make a few batches of muffins in advance for busy mornings, or prep a couple of dinners for those crazy nights with swim practice or the science project that is due the next day. It keeps things healthy too since it doesn’t mean another night of greasy pizza.
  3. Make Lists. I’m the queen of these, but I used to write everything down on sticky notes…and then I had sticky notes up the wazzo. Or they would get stuck on the backside of a book and I could never find it. It got a bit crazy. So, get a little binder of paper where you can store a pen, and maybe some loose paper, and set up a portable ‘command center’. Use it for note taking (answering machine messages), reminders, and other to-do-lists. Store the sign up sheets for the field trip in the pockets, etc. And then throw it in the car so you can make shopping lists while waiting at ballet practice.
  4. Make Lunches the Night Before. Ugh. I hate doing this because by the time I get the kids to bed, I just want to chill out! But I push through because it makes the next morning SOOO much easier. The same for taking a shower at night, packing the bag(s) and picking out the outfits – if you can swing all three. So the next morning, it is just get dressed, have breakfast and go. Negates the need to function at the crack of dawn. (Seriously, why does school have to start at the crack of dawn everyday?)
  5. Take Time for Yourself: Seriously. Do this. (Even though easier said than done.) But when the school bell rings for the first time and until the last day, you are in the race and it doesn’t seem to stop. School forms, books, homework, activities, events, more school forms, last minute school projects. Crickey, the list goes on and on as we put our kids first. Sometimes, we need a break from the teachers too with a totally wonderful spa day, or shopping day, or veg out in front of the TV and watch re-runs day. Maybe you swap with a friend if you don’t have family nearby or the cost of a babysitter is prohibitive.

So those are my five tips to reduce back-to-school stress for Moms, and are some ideas for items to have in your kid’s backpack that can also reduce stress! What tips do you have to make back-to-school stress free? 
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