Editorial Guidelines

I am always looking for a brand with which to partner, to spread the word about a great product or company.

I have two children (boy and girl), and I am a Toy Insider Advisory Board member. Companies that would like me to showcase baby gear, toys, travel, or other Mom, children and family products, it would be great exposure for you on my Boston Mom Blog. You can also read more about my site and me.

On my other website, CharleneChronicles.com, I blog about luxury items for the discerning parent who wants style and practicality in life; from what they wear, what they drive, what they use, what they eat and where they go. Here at Metrowest-Mamas.com, I focus on mom and kid product reviews, family travel, crafts and events for families in Metrowest Massachusetts – a geographic area west of Boston.

If you represent a product that you think would be a good fit for me and my readers, please contact me. We can discuss your budget and my rates. However, here are some things you need to know.


Please note that most emails are read only by Charlene, the founder and sole proprietor of Metrowest Mamas. Therefore it’s almost impossible to respond to each and every request that is submitted.

Emails that don’t comply with this editorial policy are often discarded without response, so please read the following carefully.


  • Please note that we cannot review items based upon just photos, brochures, or websites. We actually have to use the products in order to give our readers our honest, thoughtful opinion. Therefore, we have to see a sample. All products submitted should be appropriate for dad, mom or children. Product samples are not returned and submitting a sample does not guarantee placement. Although we do have a great success rate due to the fact that we pre-screen the submissions. Please note that we now charge a nominal fee, in addition to the product, for app and book reviews. Any product submission that is valued less than $30, so please read my rates if this applies to you.
  • We do not publish press releases for free.
  • All reviews are completely editorial and we don’t offer text ads as a part of a review. Please don’t ask for specific anchor text.
  • If you are looking for social media support in conjunction with a review, can’t submit a sample, or have very specific review requirements, please inquire about our sponsored post rate.
  • We cannot donate our time and expertise to your paying clients. You get paid for your work as do we. Please see our rates.


If you would have a product that you would like to submit for potential review at Metrowest Mamas, we would love to hear from you! We feature reviews several times a month.

Before submitting a product, please review our editorial policy above. Then, please email us to submit your product. All pitches must identify the product that we’ll specifically be sampling, as well as the offered sponsored post rate (for sponsored posts). We will review your submission and get back to you if we think your product is a good fit for the site. We save all submissions, so it you don’t hear from us right away, you may hear from us later.

Keep in mind that we do offer advertising if you want to get on the site immediately. Our unpaid reviews are editorial and “no-strings attached”. This means you aren’t guaranteed a review, we don’t accept requests for specific text in the reviews. We aren’t able to follow any specific requirements in the body of the post. If you have specific requirements you’d like followed (such as posting on our social networks), that is considered a sponsored review. However, we do not accept payment in exchange for a better review. Our integrity as reviewers is important to us and our readers. We also comply with all FTC guidelines.


Please check out our affordable rates for our website and newsletter ads. We offer leaderboard, skyscraper, large box, 125×125 buttons for advertisements.


Please request a copy of our media kit to learn more about opportunities for sponsorships, event hosting and coordination, event calendar postings, twitter parties and speaking appearances. See this list for past and current campaigns, and past speaking appearances and events.


If you would like to list your event on our event calendar and have social media amplification, please click here to submit your event.


Charlene is an attorney, has spoken at over 20 conferences, has sat on corporate boards, and has run successful social media campaigns and events. If you would like social media consulting, please contact her.



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