Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy Review

If your kids are big Disney Fans, then you really need to speed, fly, swim or buzz your way to the box office to pick up tickets to Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy currently at the Agganis Arena in Boston. (For show times and ticket details, click here.)

Disney Family Experience

To give you a quick background, my parents (grandparents to my kids) always travel with us to Disney World, just like my grandparents did with my brothers and me. So when we received complimentary tickets to attend the opening night of the Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy Show, they wanted to take my kids. They are big Disney fans (and are Disney hip in their own right, knowing all of the Cars characters, the Tinkerbell Story, the songs that Ariel sings, and the toys that make up Toy Story) and wanted to have a little local Disney magic with their grandkids, just like on our Disney vacations. As a bonus (not going to lie), it also gave my husband and I the opportunity go out to dinner together after I finished hosting the Metrowest Mamas Polar Express Event!

disney on Ice worlds of fantasy review metrowest mamas

While I always love taking my kids to performances (and Disney), it is fun to create opportunities for extended family to enjoy time with nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and grandparents, and Disney is one of those activities (whether on a Disney vacation or a local Disney On Ice performance) because Disney is multi-generational enterprise, and they know how to put on a show – at a theme park or at an Arena – delighting everyone of all ages. There aren’t too many experiences that can do that.

Packing Up For The Disney Adventure

So after packing a backpack of hats, gloves, snacks, and activities, they went off on a fun complimentary adventure thanks to the sponsored tickets we received. My kids (5 and 2) were so excited to go (though I think they had no idea really what they were going to seeā€¦) and it was exciting to go with their grandparents! They found parking on the street but there is a big parking garage (about $25) attached. While they really couldn’t find a lot of food options (other than the standard popcorn, pretzel, cotton candy), Agganis Arena is a part of BU, and located on Commonwealth Avenue. So a quick walk before show time will lead you to a lot of local food places. The only problem to note (that had nothing to do with Disney or Feld Entertainment, and more to do with Agganis Arena), you are not allowed to bring in a bag bigger than 12 inches wide and tall. So while we had packed up gloves and coats, my family was not allowed in, and there was a bit of running around (back to the car, load up pockets with gloves and hats). It would have been nice to have known so we could have packed accordingly (and nothing about that is located on the Agganis Website.)

Once they got settled, all was fine and the show started. I received frequent texts before and during the show and, based on the pictures I kept getting, they were ALL having a blast. Both my kids were enraptured throughout the entire performance (yes, a 5 year old and 2 year old). They engaged in the clapping and shouting, laughing and cheering. My son was floored when Cars started driving around on the ice and my daughter was tickled when Tinkerbell flew through the sky. My parents loved the variety of the characters; maybe they didn’t know all of the Cars characters, but they did during the Toy Story segment. Or maybe they didn’t recognize the fairies beyond Tinkerbell, but the script still enchanted them anyway. No matter the character or the performance, there was something for anyone, for any age, at any moment.

As soon as they came home (loaded down with trinkets as Grandparents are known to provide – LOL), my kids both asked when they can go again! {Looks like the upcoming Disney Frozen On Ice might be on the list! And this time I might have to go!}

Ticket prices are reasonable compared to other holiday shows in Boston right now. So if you are looking for something to do with the kids during break, tickets to Disney on Ice just may thaw out those vacation blues. If Grandma and Grandpa are wondering what to give the grandkids for the holidays, ask them to share a Disney memory with an outing to Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy.

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