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A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Super G’s 2nd birthday (my daughter’s birthday.) It was all Disney Frozen themed and all family. But it doesn’t matter. When there is a celebration, I love to plan. It was so much fun putting all of the fantastic Frozen elements into the festivities!

One element was this amazing crudite creation from Crudite Creations in Newton, MA. They sent me a complimentary one to review and it was a show stopper, a delicious delight, and was devoured before the decorations were put out.

We did have a cardboard Olaf who was sniffing the flower bouquet (like in the movie), but it was windy outside and I had to put him away. (#sadface)

Even though Olaf ended up going MIA, what was amazing about this veggie bouquet was; not only did it appease the appetites of the adults, it called to the cravings of kids too.

crudite creations newton

By the way, the thing that is on top of the veggie bouquet that looks like a flower? It’s not. It’s veggies. (Seriously mind blowing, right?)

But to get practical, it’s one of those things to order for a party. Forget the flowers. Put this on the table in lieu of a bouquet. It’s dual purpose (beauty and edible) and then it doesn’t get in the way during the main meal.

I also love the idea for weddings or showers as a centerpiece on each table. Wouldn’t you be amazed if you were a guest, sat down at a table, and realized the gorgeous center piece was something you could eat. It starts great conversation as you all nosh.

Of course, this fits the bill when you have those “I don’t know what to send” moments. Thank yous and those birthday gifts you need for someone who has it all. Of course, it is something to consider sending to a family suffering a loss of a family member. Send in lieu of condolence flowers as it also provides the element of giving the family something to nibble on during those tough days when they may not have time or the inclination to cook.

Yet (to go back to my story), I still think it is a nice thing to have at a kid’s birthday party. The kids will love eating it (just pull the veggie off the stick, rather than giving the stick with the veggie on it, for safety). Then it is something the parents can eat while the kids are eating the standard party fare of pizza and cake!

The small size (which is what you see in the photo(s) above) start at $45+. The medium at $65+. The large at $85. The extra large at $125+. Plus, gourmet dips (Caramelized Onion, White Bean, Hummus, and Ranch): $4 (8oz), $6 (16oz), $10 (32oz).

I’m off to personally order one to thank some amazing people! Who are you going to get one for?

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