Chef V Comes to Boston: Organic Juice & Cleanse

chev V drink cleanse massachusettsChef V has come to Boston! Made local and delivered fresh, Veronica Wheat, the face behind the Chef V company, has organic green drinks and cleanses that come to your door. No more excuses, no more driving, no more expensive appliances that take up counterspace or collect dust; it comes to you, ready to go.

Chef V Juice

Not a big veggie person myself, I decided to give it a whirl, and see why there is a lot of buzz about this national chain opening up shop in the Boston area. I received two containers of Chef V‘s Green Drink that’s made with locally-sourced organic ingredients:


I was’t sure about tasting it. (It was very green.) However, it was surprisingly good. It wasn’t something I would necessarily reach for, but that’s the point. I reach for a lot of sugary, bad for you, stuff. So, if you are in the market for adding more greens to your diet or looking to detox, it goes down smoothly with enough ‘sweet’, but without more than 3g of sugar per serving.

Chef V Juice Cleanse

You can get containers of the Green Drink, or try a 3, 5 or 7 day detox regime comprised of the Green Drink, and detox soup of the day, which varies depending on the local ingredients, to cleanse your liver, improve digestion, regulate blood sugar, and more. The third part is a raw, whole food protein shake, with sprouted brown rice protein, to help you stay satisfied and rejuvenated.

For the Metrowest area, a one week Green Drink supply is about $35, including the delivery. You can get a month supply and save about 20%. The one thing to note is that it is an auto-delivery service so you need to be diligent about canceling if you only want to try a week or two. The three-day cleanse costs about $230, but it is cheaper than a couple of months at the gym.

So if those New Year Fitness and Health resolutions didn’t quite get off the ground, here is your chance to get ready svelte for the summer. Even if you didn’t quite kick off the year with a healthy new you, at least you are kicking’ it into gear now. Better late than never, as they say.
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