Doc McStuffins Shirts for Boys

My son and daughter love Doc McStuffins! Whether it is on TV or on a DVD, whether it is toys or games, they adore Doc. So when we traveled to Disney World recently, they both wanted Doc McStuffins t-shirts. I easily found Doc tee shirts for my daughter, but apparently merchandisers think that since Doc McStuffins is a girl, only girls would wear the t-shirts, and boys are more interested in t-shirts with Stuffy and Chilly. Needless to say, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

I searched hi-and-low for boy Doc McStuffins T-shirts; Walmart,, Disney Parks Target, and the list goes on. But every Doc McStuffins t-shirts were pink and lavender, with hearts and sparkles. At one point, I considered buying a purple Doc McStuffins tee shirt because it only had hearts and not sparkles, plus it was purple and not lavender. It was the closest boy-friendly shirt I could find, but when I showed my four year old son, he said that it was a girl shirt and he wanted a boy Doc McStuffins shirt.


Then one day I did some deeper searching on, and found a section where you can customize shirts. You can pick your t-shirt color, like boy-friendly green or blue, and then pick an image, like Doc! Then pick your size and voilÄ, you have a Doc McStuffins t-shirt for boys! The price is decent at $16.95, but allow extra time for delivery before your Disney Vacation. Since it is custom, it takes more time to process.


So hopefully, if you are looking for a boy Doc McStuffins shirt, this custom option fits the bill.

doc mcstuffins shirt for boys 

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  1. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    My 2 year old son is a big fan, thank you for the tip!

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