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I feel like I made it through another parenting-rite-of-passage; The Four-Year Old, Friends Invited, Birthday Party. For the past (three) birthdays, we have had family only parties, but for whatever reason, I decided to go BIG this year and had a Kidville birthday party since we love the classes there too.

Kidville Wellesley: a Birthday Party Location West of Boston

This was our first birthday party where we invited friends and classmates to join in the celebration. Yet, the thought of having 14 kids in my house, plus the parents, practically gave me a heart-attack just thinking about it, let alone the planning, running around, and worrying that hosting such an event brings! {I don’t do well under pressure these days!} So I was estatic that Kidville gave me a discount to host my son’s birthday party there.

It was strange to relinquish control, but in the end, we left the clean up and most of the planning to them, which saved me countless hours of prep. From the first inquiry of hosting a party, to a consult on what theme I wanted, they handled almost every detail, and even ones I never thought of.

The first decision was to figure out what time of day to have the party: 10am, 1pm, 4pm. We went with 4pm because it was after nap time that could be a problem with 1pm slot in the age group we were inviting. We also stayed away from 10am as many have practices and lessons on a Saturday morning. It might be a similar issue on a Sunday with church services. The 4pm slot was great for a Saturday vs. on a Sunday though, as it might be a bit tougher with the start of the school week. It really depends on the ages of the children which time slot is best and whether it is a Saturday or a Sunday. Bonus for any party on a Sunday is that the meters are free! The second decision was what theme: Pirates, Princesses, Trains or Transportation.

Once I knew the day and time, I used a separate site for my online invites, but Kidville has a service you could use as well. I sent them a copy so they could see the colors that I wanted in the balloons and paper goods, which they were open to receiving! I also sent them a copy of a cake that I liked, as they provide either a simple standard cake or custom cake – whatever is your preference. You pay for the difference if you upgrade.

Kidville Wellesley Birthday Party Review

When we arrived for our party, it was so fun to see my son’s name on a welcome board. All the kids were brought into a room where there were trains and cars to play with, since we went with the transportation theme, and two little craft tables. It was a great way to break the ice, get everyone settled, and wait for some stragglers before moving to another room for crafts. Since this was a transportation theme, they decorated wooden trains and cars!

Birthday Party Locations Boston

After that, they moved into the indoor playspace with a supervised activity and then free play. Lastly, they moved into the room for pizza and cake. The transition between each space was quick, seamless and easy! It also kept the party moving and interesting without being too stimulating. Just the right blend of time and activities! You could add or subtract items too. You could add a bouncy house or a the Kidville Rockin’Railroad Band! There is a lot of ways to customize the party.

Kidville Wellesley Review

Pizza and juice was standard party food, but you can make a request for something different or even to add food for the grownups too! The only bummer at our party is that we ended going home with two uneaten boxes of pizza that we would have loved to have shared with the parents at the party. So maybe it would be best to give the kids the pizza and then if there is extra, over it to the grownups too. Yet, most got a slice of cake!

We personally had brought a few bottles of water for the adults. I’m glad we did! Chasing after kids can be thirsty work and I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t standard. One thing I didn’t think of was hand sanitizer. It would be a good offering to give the kids a quirt after playing and before eating. {And there are great kid-friendly sanitizer options too.}

They had goody bags for the various ages since many of my son’s friends had little brothers or sisters (including his own little sister.) So everyone went home with a goody bag that was age appropriate. They are nice goody bags too with usable, quality goodies from Melissa and Doug. They even were consistent with the transportation theme! While there are standard offerings, you can add to it from additional Kidville selections or something you bring in. They add it to the Goody Bags! I had to ask, but it would be a fun standard thing to do, to give each kid a balloon from the decor as they leave the party. A little touch, but a fun addition to the goody bag!

As we were saying goodbye to everyone, the staff made sure everyone had what they needed, and were cleaning up behind us, including gathering the gifts and left over pizza and cake. So when we went to leave, they had everything ready to go! We headed home, and had left over pizza and cake while our son opened his gifts. The plastic bag that helped carry all of the gifts home ended up also helping us collect the wrapping paper and packaging after we opened the gifts!

kid birthday party places massachusetts

All in all, our guests raved about having a good time, the great location and fantastic staff. My son’s smile at the end of the day was icing on the cake.

Kid Birthday Party Places Boston

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