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I’ve written about Belkin Lookout Farm in Natick before, but a family friend recently went to Lookout Farm for the first time. Her name is Cathy and she is a former daycare owner in Metrowest MA. She now is a caregiver for a variety of families in Metrowest MA. I wanted to get her take on this Metrowest hidden spot and asked her a few questions. Here are the questions and her answers about her experience and thoughts of Belkin Lookout Farm.

Metrowest Mamas Lookout Farm Natick

Q. What was your favorite thing about Belkin Lookout Farm?

The Animals. The kids really enjoyed seeing the goats and petting them. As a parent and caregiver, I liked the fact that it is a safe way to interact with them.

Q. What surprised you the most when you first visited Lookout Farm?

I was really surprise about the size of it. I drive by the entrance to the Farm almost everyday and you’d never know how much land and activities are located on the property when just driving by. I couldn’t believe that there are 180 acres. I was also surprised to learn that Lookout Farm is the largest supplier of the Asian pears in the country.

Q. Is there anything you’d like to see at Lookout Farm that is not there now?

I’d love them to do something with the grapes! There are so many, and it would be nice to see them make local grape jelly. I think there needs to be more covered areas where you can spread out blankets or bring your own chairs. Love a Splash Zone too.

Q. You do a lot of activities with kids as a former daycare owner and a part-time caregiver now. Why do you think kids like Belkin Lookout Farm?

There is something to do for kids of all ages. The older kids like the maze, the younger kids like the caterpillar ride, and everyone likes the animals. There is a lot to do like the face painting and music on the weekends. It would be nice to see some themed weekends though. {Laughs} I probably should have mentioned that in your other question!

Q. What are you looking forward to doing at your next visit to Lookout Farm?

I’m looking forward to the apple picking! I loved how the aisles are wider, and the trees lower. So it is easier to pick apples and other fruit. We just picked peaches while we were there the last time. Also, everything is flat. The kids can easily get around.


So check out Belkin Lookout Farm! They are now open 7 days a week and their U-Pick program has already started! There are seasonal passes too! Check out this post for details.


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