2014 Winter Olympics Activities for Kids

I’m a big fan of the Olympics. While the summer Olympics are my favorite, there is a lot to love about the Winter Olympics. This year’s 2014 Winter Olympics are in Sochi Russia and while it is fun just to kick back and watch some ski jumps, it is a great opportunity to teach kids about culture, sports and the world.

2014 Winter Olympics Activities for Kids

Spend time sharing stories about what makes the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia unique. For example, did you know that this years torch’s curved shape is inspired by the mythical creature in Russian fairytales. According to one Russian legend, the Firebird’s feathers “light the way” and bring good fortune and happiness. You’ll notice this Firebird inspired pattern throughout the Sochi Games, including Team Russia’s uniforms! Have the kids try to find it in an inspired “where’s waldo” kind of way.

The Olympic Sochi medals are made out of metal and feature an etched glass-like insert with jagged edges resembling mountain peaks and the seashore, which highlights Sochi’s unique position between the cold snow-capped Caucasus Mountains and the warm sandy beaches of the Black Sea. The medals also have a quilt-like mosaic of 16 patterns to celebrate Russia’s rich traditions and cultural diversity. Pull out a map and show the kids where Russia is.

Sochi Winter Olympics

Plus, the Winter Games’ mascots are a Snow Leopard, Polar Bear, and Hare! Russian citizens submitted their ideas for mascots, and Olympic officials selected the top three. They were designed to be friendly and cute for kids to enjoy. Each has its own story. The Polar Bear is depicted as friendly, intelligent and always striving for new athletic heights, while the Hare is an excellent student and loves sports. Tough and strong, the choice of the Snow Leopard, a native of Sochi’s nearby Caucasus Mountains and a critically endangered species, draws attention to Russia’s increasing focus on animal conservation. Chat with your child about conservation or look up real life polar bears on the internet and learn more about them.

Another fun product out there to enhance the educational opportunities of the Olympics is a product called Little Passports. We just got a complementary sample kit. Kids get to follow Sam and Sofia on their exciting adventures around the USA or the World to learn about geography, history, culture, and language.

little passports

There is a lot of interaction with online access, a passport, a mini-suitcase to put travel stickers on, postcards and more. You can sign-up for a month-to-month plan around $11 or for a set period. Monthly packages arrive filled with lots of goodies and lots of activities. My son is on the younger side of the recommended age range, but he loved the stickers, the post card and world map.

If you are looking for a fun Winter Olympics craft, check out the Little Passports blog to see how to make an Olympic-inspired torch!


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