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Wellesley Repertory Theatre Presents: The Liar

The Wellesley Repertory Theatre has a new show running from now and until February 4th. Instead of heading into Boston for the theater, stay local! The Show: The show is entitled The Liar by David Ives. It is adapted from the comedy by … [Read More...]

Four Things to Do During the Last Four Days of the Year

Toys should keep kids entertained and occupied during the holiday vacation. Yet, we all know that does not happen! Cabin fever can set in! So take a break, get out of the house, and prolong the holiday spirit. These are classic New England activities … [Read More...]

Boston Holiday Books for Kids

While my children love reading books, they especially love Boston holiday books for kids or seasonal ones set in Massachusetts. They get a kick out of hearing the names of the towns nearby. They adore seeing pictures of notable Boston and … [Read More...]

Most Popular Halloween Candy in Massachusetts

October is filled with apples, russet leaves and candy for Halloween. While many of the stores kick off August, in some places, with Halloween decor and delectables, October puts it in high gear. It is time to plan those costumes and figure out what … [Read More...]

Guard Up! Camps, Classes and Celebrations

After talking to many families recently, it turns out that a lot of parents want to do something interesting and different with their kids. Soccer and ballet are activity staples. The local camp is a town fixture. The birthday party invitations are … [Read More...]

PJ Masks Live! Musical. It is Time to Be a Hero!

Do you have a PJ Masks Fan? Then you may want to get tickets to the PJ Masks Live! musical playing on October 7 and 8, 2017 at the Wang Theatre! Even better, use this discount code (PJMOM) to save up to 25% in the $55 and $39 price levels for … [Read More...]

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